Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Visa/work update.

After stressing out about my visa extension for weeks, the matter has finally finally been resolved. I appealed to the vice president of my company as a last resort, and he agreed to give me the document I needed to officialize the extension. My fourth time at the FRRO, they stamped my passport, and when I made a movement to pay the fee, they brushed me off and told me to go home. I suppose that even the visa officials realize that it flat-out sucks to be caught up in this mess.

Work has significantly improved. I just finished a month-long assignment of inventing problems and solutions for 12th-grade math textbooks, covering mostly calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. The task was actually quite tricky, as it involved starting with a solution I wanted and working backward to formulate a question. Since I finished that, my superiors have started treating me differently, giving me more and more assignments, consulting my opinion like it matters, and giving me a company email address. I also just got my paycheck and it was more than was written on my contract. Things are looking up.

So now I get to stay in India until February 15th, after which I'll head to Nepal for a few weeks before catching my flight from Delhi to Nashville on March 5th. Until then, the time is mine to play with!


Lexie said...

i'm glad you got this mess straightened out! :)

justinnhli said...

this post made me smile.

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good to hear faye.

updating a girl soon

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