Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snapshots from a village.

This weekend took us to the village of Farrukhabad, located 300km (186mi) southeast of Delhi, on the edge of the Ganges. The organization of the trip was less than ideal, but it was good to see a simpler side of Indian life.

The local boarding school that received us.
Align CenterAnd we were received so well.
Typical meal of the weekend.
Snake charmer. Yes, that is a cobra, that he allegedly transformed into a boy.
Cow dung used for biogas digesters. Remarkably sustainable for a little village.

Bathing in the river Ganges.
Surveying the haphazard construction of a new temple.
Spicy rice street food.


Lexie said...

i saw a blurb on a gossip site that linday lohan is hanging out in india. say hello for me!

Stu said...

Fantastic pictures. I like this post.

As far grad apps, you'll be fine. Although if you do start that restaurant empire, I'll be there with an eye patch to help out.