Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dance dance dance.

My buddy Navin and I have been attending a Hip-hop/Bollywood dance class for the past month, and they recently put up a video of one of our routines, to the song "Aloo Chaat". Navin's the one next to me in the stripes. Our instructors, Kapil and Manish, are the two other guys. Try not to laugh. I haven't danced in years, and my gangsta facade isn't really fooling anybody, I know.


Jessie said...

very bollywood-esque :)

Lexie said...

one of my good friends is taking ballet in besanscon ... you're taking bollywood in india!! i am so jealous and saddened by the lack of dance in my life right now!

ps you are a cute gangsta!! you know it.

Stacy said...

That looks so fun!! Good job!

Jacob said...


I wrote some things about books and writing and shit like that. I put my opinion out there first on this one, so I'd like to hear it if you have a response or anything.

FabBlab said... this..India? Ha, I live here and I'm not used to coming across a lot of bloggers from India.

Cool :D

Manish said...

hey that song is really fast but I must say you are doing good in this clip :)