Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ukrainian food coma.

Last weekend, I helped cook a huge traditional Ukraininan dinner with my friends Iryna and Ayuko. In those two hours in the kitchen, Ayuko and I were sous-chefs, and Iryna brought it all together.

Iryna in middle, Ayuko on her left

I loved getting my hands dirty again in the kitchen.

The vat of gorgeous borscht. Beets, cabbage, potatoes, kidney beans. Perfect on these chilly Delhi nights.

The tabouli stuffing was made with tomatoes, dill, parsley, feta. Wrapped with Lebanese bread, and slightly fried on the bottom til brown and crispy.

We fried eggplant strips with a healthy dose of salt, and wrapped them around the tabouli stuffing.

Great success! I'm definitely saving the recipe. Borscht doesn't get more authentic than a bona fide mom-recipe.


cecil said...

i'm having borscht for lunch today.

cecil said...

p.s. health is tight.

my friend mary was just over at my house, after returning from paris. we did some drugs, and the she told me about how she made out with one of the guys in health.

Lexie said...

mmmm tabouli!

Jacob said...

Larry, I am really disappointed that didn't make a joke about "bona fide mom." I clicked the comments hoping to see that, and you let me down.

Sure, it would have been a cheap joke, but let's face it: a penny saved is a penny earned.

Tim said...

Looks divine. I've been wanting to try preparing some Eastern European dishes for a while.