Friday, May 08, 2009

Linguine alle vongole.

Pasta with clams, scented with lots of garlic, dried chilis, and a dash of thyme. An elegant no-brainer.

Set a pot of pasta to boil, salted with sea salt (slight ocean taste!). Meanwhile, cook clams with seasonings on high heat until they start to pop open. Lower the heat a bit and continue to cook until they open all the way. Keep them moist with pasta water if necessary. Drain pasta, add to the mixture, toss, adjust seasonings.

Astonishingly good. There is so much juice from the clams themselves that you don't even need to add salt. Clams, to me, are the perfect springtime dish -- light, flavorful, fresh. Added plus: the whole thing took less than 20 minutes to make.

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copperoranges said...

the first time i had clams was when zach came home for a little while last summer and fixed them for my family. they were good!