Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food of the week.

I didn't have much time at all to cook this week, so I resorted to the easiest genre of all: no-brainer Asian food.

Kimchee fried rice. Kimchee is a traditional Korean pickled cabbage, preserved in spices until sharp and strong in flavor. I fried up the kimchee in sesame oil, added precooked rice, and stir-fried until juices blended together. Served with two fried eggs on top.

Potstickers and soup.
Fifteen-minute dinner. Fried up the potstickers (packaged) while I boiled daikon radish in my home-made sausage-cabbage broth.


copperoranges said...

you've probably already seen this, but it's not on your link list, so i thought i would share.

justinnhli said...

You might also be interested in exploring economics where information is not fully available - where buyers cannot always access the seller with the lowest price. I have a chapter of a book on this, if you're interested.

Asia! said...

ahh, i didn't enjoy economics.
And, kimchee is the best!

Anonymous said...

haha of course i clicked on the econ tag link.

but there's a difference between rational and optimal. it might be rational to flip a house multiple times. it might be rational to buy a house when interest rates are low even if it's a little beyond your means.

doesn't mean they are optimal. i think revealed preferences do a good job of this, better than static indifference curves

Anonymous said...

so i think people over-exaggerate behavioral econ when the standard rational model already shows a lot.